“Waterproofing is costly but a necessary investment”

In Singapore, most buildings are made up of concrete. Even though concrete is a very solid material, however it is highly porous and it isn’t very resistant to water. That means that it does allow water and other chemicals to penetrate into it. When this is taken lightly, this could lead to the building deterioration, affecting both external and internal areas.

It is highly imperative that a building’s foundation to be kept dry at all times. When a building’s foundation isn’t waterproofed, it can easily lose its strength and start to swell due to water leakages.

Note that to reverse the effects of leakages will be expensive and time consuming. Dealing with the negative outcomes of water leakages can be very frustrating and costly. Thus, it is very important to protect a structure from rain, leaks and moisture damages.


What could possibly happen if a premise isn’t waterproof?

– Structural failures due to water leakages or poor waterproofing

– Mould growth which will be difficult to resolve in the future

– Deterioration of both external and interior furnishings

– Blistering of paint

– Possible short circuit


Benefits of having your premise waterproofed

– Having your structure in place

– Maintaining the value of the property

– Interior asset protection

– Preventing unnecessary future cost

– Preventing possible health problems

– Long-term comfort for occupants and long-term cost saving


Waterproofing is the most important part of the building construction. You should prevent water leakage at all costs. Therefore a good contractor will know which area the water may leak from, and take precaution against it before things get worst or out of hand. Let Proof-Tech Waterproofing and maintenance help you solve your issue and give you a peace of mind. Contact us now.

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