When Is It Time For Roof Restoration?

When Is It Time For Roof Restoration

Before we discuss on when should one get a roof restoration, let us first remember the last time we checked our own roof. Bet you have never done it yet. Unlike floor tiles, bath tubs, kitchen surfaces which grab our attention easily, roofs are always neglected. The only time you tend to remember your roofing is when the dripping starts. When this happens, you would need someone to conduct a roof restoration service for your roof. To tell the right time for this exercise, read on…

When Is It Time For Roof Restoration?

You can never tell by staying in your living room, inspection is what you should do. Check out for:

Water damages and leak marks

Have you spotted signs of leaks or water damages on your ceiling lately? If you have, these are not just stains that you should ignore, it is a clear indication that your roof is leaking. Once you have spotted the brownish water marks on your ceiling, start planning and get professional help.

Sagging deck

If your home has a lavish rooftop deck, it could be a major sign for you to realize that your roof needs to be repaired. Do not wait for the deck to fall completely and cause you extensive makeover. A sagging means that there is ponding on your roof.

Natural light and openings on the roof

To inspect your roof, take a trip to the attic and be on the lookout for sunlight shining through the roof. A roof that allows light to escape means that your roof has cracks or some shingles are missing. Wait no more, get it fixed immediately.

Algae growth

Another key indication that your roof is giving way is that it has algal growth. You can tell algal growth by some greenish substance forming on the wooden frame. The presence of this growth could lead to moisture damage to the roof deck and can even cause leaks.

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How to Conduct Your Own Roof Check

Check your drainage

The gutter is one key area that should not be ignored during a roof inspection as it helps drain excessive runoff. Twigs, dry leaves, seeds or roots are the culprits of clogging the gutter drains. If you have not been doing your homework, you will probably encounter dammed water on your roof. With stagnated water, just know that your roof has definitely been weakened and needs touching up.

Shingles missing

After meeting up with some dark spots, water trails or water damage, you have to embark on the source of the problem. Brace yourself and go up the roof to do another round of problem area seeking. If you spot roof shingles missing then it is time get a specialist that does roof restoration in Singapore.

Detached gutters

Sometimes your gutter could start getting detached. This could occur due to wearing out, fascia losing its strength or the gutter was improperly pitched. Whatever the reason, a detached gutter is the mother of all problems. When the gutter is disconnected, rain water stagnates and seeps into the roofing material causing further deterioration.


Maybe you forgot to check this when you bought your home due to the excitement, but you need to realize that they affect your roofing. How? Vents affect the temperatures in the attic which definitely has an impact on your roofing. Ensure your dryer and kitchen vents are directed outside.

Contact a Roof Repair Specialist

Check on your roof and if you see any of these signs, you can always call a roof restoration professional like Prooftech to get down to rectify those issues.We also provide roof tile coating and roof tile repair services.


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