Why you should waterproof your bathroom

applying waterproofing membrane to corners of bathroom
applying waterproofing membrane to corners of bathroom

It should come as no surprise that your bathroom is among the wettest areas of your home. At almost all times of the day, it is filled with water droplets, steam and moisture. From your shower floor to your shower walls, all surfaces are exposed to a tremendous amount of water. This is why, more than any other place in your home, your bathroom’s waterproofing handiwork is at a premium.

Understanding why your bathroom must be waterproofed

A bathroom without waterproofing works or of poor implementation can be a nightmare for you. In this case, both water and humidity can destroy your bathroom’s construction materials. More than just loosening these surface materials, water can creep into spaces behind them. As such, it can then travel and affect other parts of your home.

Safeguard your bathroom’s materials

broken bathroom tiles from water seepage

If you live in a relatively old house, then you will often find the following occurrences in your bathroom:

  • Flaking paint dropping down from your ceiling
  • Drop spots forming on the grout between your wall and floor tiles
  • Lose floor tiles that can easily come out

Why has this occurred? All three of these problems arise from having water penetrate past your bathroom’s surfaces. Once water seeps past, it creates a damp and humid environment behind the surfaces. Coupled with the lack of sunlight, a perfect environment for mould is created.

In turn, the mould eats away at the materials such as paint, tile adhesives and your grout. The result, as observed is the loosening of these materials. Over time, the amount of damage to these materials increases and thus compromises your bathroom’s safety.

Prevent structural damage

Not only does water leakage damage your bathroom’s materials, it also affects all parts of your home. This occurs as water is a highly mobile substance. It can travel as moisture or vapour through the pores of materials and thus end up at a different part of your home.

Though unseen, the moisture will start to cause wood, brick, plaster and plywood to become damp and rot. When this occurs, their structural integrity is compromised as it is weakened. As a result, cracks, gaps and holes eventually appear on your home’s surfaces, allowing leaks into its spaces. In its more advance form, parts of your ceiling or wall may start to crumble and fall down.

Avoid indirect damages and hazards to your home’s visible spaces

broken ceiling from water leakage damages

Once leaks spill into your home’s visible spaces, many hazards also emerge. Firstly, water can damage your furniture or furnishings in your home. This is why it is important that you cover all items with a waterproofed tarp or moved them out of the space. At the same time, we recommend that you use pails to gather leaking water in order to prevent further diffusion.

Secondly, you should be weary of any electrical appliances or circuitry in the space. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. When in contact with the circuit, it allows for a short circuit to occur. In the best of scenarios, your circuit breaker will trip to save the circuit. However, there is also a real possibility of an electric fire breaking out. Simultaneously, your family members are at risk of being shocked if they come in contact with the water.

Maintain the value of your home

As covered earlier, water leakages can cause severe damage to your property. This in turn drops the value of your home at an exponential rate. The longer the time you wait to have the leaks fixed, the lower the value of your home. If you do indeed harbour leaks in your home, you can expect a significantly reduced demand or offers on the market for your home.

How waterproofing is performed on your bathroom

Several steps are taken by water leakage Singapore contractors when waterproofing your bathroom.

For starters, they will check the joints between your bathroom’s walls, as well as between the walls and floors. In particular, there should be no loose particles or rough edges at these joints. This is because rough edges will prevent the proper application of waterproofing materials at a later point. In addition, a polyester reinforcement mat has to be fitted at these joints.

waterproofing contractor applying membrane to bathroom wall

Applying the waterproofing membrane

A first layer of liquid or sheet waterproofing membrane is applied to your bathroom. Following which, a few hours is given for it to be cured and settled before a second coat is applied. The cycle then repeats itself, as multiple coats are applied depending on the discretion of the contractor. Nonetheless, each layer is cemented properly in the walls before the next is applied in a different direction from the last.

Once all layers of waterproofing membrane have been applied, several days are needed for them to set in. This effectively means that you won’t be able to use the bathroom for 3 to 5 days. After which, tiles are laid on both the floor and walls of your bathroom. Grout is used to seal gaps between the tiles and thus form the first layer of protection in your bathroom.

Finally a test run is performed by your contractor to test your bathroom’s waterproofing capability. This involves flooding your bathroom and observing for any decrease in water level when the drainage has been sealed. Should there be a significant decrease in water height, then a full diagnosis and rework of the waterproofing system will need to be carried out.

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