Importance of Roof Waterproofing

The roof is the single most exposed exterior surface in your house. Encountering weather elements such as rain, wind and strong sunlight, it is no surprise that your roof is placed under the most pressure. Without proper and well-maintained waterproofing systems in place, your roof’s condition will deteriorate in no time at all. This will leave it vulnerable to rainwater seepage, allowing water to enter and damage your home.

Roof Repair Services

Proof-Tech provides a range of roof repair services for your home. This includes damp tests, replacement of deteriorated materials, clearing of trapped water, water membrane installation and roof tile coating.

Roof Damp Tests

Our roof waterproofing specialists carry out moisture and damp tests within your roof’s structure. Using moisture meters, we test various parts of your roof for abnormal amounts of moisture or damp. These are indicative of stagnant water accumulating within these spaces and damaging the surrounding materials.

Clearing of Trapped Water in your Roof

Water is a highly mobile substance, able to slip through the smallest of gaps as either liquid or vapor. Eventually, following the path of least resistance, they begin to accumulate within a space inside your building’s structure. Without further escape paths from this space, the amount of damp quickly accelerates within it. We assist to track the path of water from your roof and to clear these little spaces inside your home.

Replacement of Roof Deteriorated Materials

The hidden spaces under your roof are prime locations for mold or mildew growth when water enters into them. When these 2 harmful substances enter your roof’s materials, they begin to damage their structural integrity. Over time, there is a risk that these materials give way, leading to either wall or ceiling collapse. We find and replace any compromised materials within your home’s structure.

Roof Tile Coating

Roof tile coating helps to extend the lifespan of your roof tiles by protecting against weathering and deterioration. Once it adheres to your roof tiles, roof coating limits water penetration and porosity.

Roof Waterproofing Membrane Installation

Waterproofing membrane technology is used to waterproof your roof, granting a strong layer of protection. No water molecules can pass through the waterproofing membrane. In addition, UV sunlight protection is often incorporated into the waterproofing membrane, thus lending extra protection for your roof.

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