The lack of waterproofing or a bad waterproofing job done in your bathroom can be a huge nightmare for homeowners. Without waterproofing, water and humidity are able to destroy the interior of your bathroom. For many homeowners, they will simply redo the flooring tiles or repaint the toilet walls while renovating their bathrooms as a way to reduce cost. But because these surfaces and materials are not meant to be in a damp environment, overtime

How to conduct your own roof check

A roof is the most important asset your house can have. Not only does it protect you from the heat and rain here in Singapore, they also act as a shield for the house itself by making sure that moisture and mould do not get into the structural support and damage it. In addition, having a solid roof will save on energy due to lesser air leaks from the inside. And of course, when a

When Is It Time For Roof Restoration

Before we discuss on when should one get a roof restoration, let us first remember the last time we checked our own roof. Bet you have never done it yet. Unlike floor tiles, bath tubs, kitchen surfaces which grab our attention easily, roofs are always neglected. The only time you tend to remember your roofing is when the dripping starts. When this happens, you would need someone to conduct a roof restoration service for

What Should You do When Your Ceiling is Leaking

Ceiling leaks are quite devastating and can get you panicking when it happens. Maybe you have not been cleaning your gutter, or you have taken too long to realize that the roof shingles are missing. Here, you will find out the steps you can take when your ceiling is already leaking. Remove items under the dripping area If it is furniture, rag, TV or the bed in your bedroom under the leaking, you would definitely

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