What Should You do When Your Ceiling is Leaking?

What Should You do When Your Ceiling is Leaking

Ceiling leaks are quite devastating and can get you panicking when it happens. Maybe you have not been cleaning your gutter, or you have taken too long to realize that the roof shingles are missing. Here, you will find out the steps you can take when your ceiling is already leaking.

Remove items under the dripping area

If it is furniture, rag, TV or the bed in your bedroom under the leaking, you would definitely not want it to be soaked. Fold your sleeves and get things moving. Move those items to a dry spot even if it is at the corner of the room. This could really help to save your valuable belongings.

Unmovable items should be covered

Say you have a Bösendorfer piano in your living room that is experiencing ceiling leakage, what could you do? Move it? Bearing in mind that it took more than five men to deliver it. Instead of straining your back on something that you can hardly move, you can start by covering it. Use water proof material such as plastic covering to ensure not a single droplet reaches your precious item.

Catch water

You cannot do any fixing during a storm but a dripping ceiling is not something you can possibly ignore. What should you do? Easy, get out that pail that you hardly use and position it under the leak to catch all the dripping. You will first want to dry the soaked floors to ease movement around the house. Depending on how fast it fills, you will need to empty it when it is full. If you have a large trash can, you are in luck because it will not fill up that quickly.

Relieve heavy pressure

At times, water leakage does not take place because there is no opening to drain the water. This causes water to build up and is seen as a swelling in the ceiling. Such a situation poses danger of ceiling collapse. You rather have a dripping ceiling than one which is almost falling on you. Therefore, take a sharp object and poke the center of the swelling to allow water passage. Protect yourself as you do this. You could use an umbrella while you are working on it.

Call in the expert

After getting things under control for the moment, make a call to a professional to get your roof fixed. Repair is not an easy task and can be quite dangerous if you do not have the right experience and gear for the job. Leaking could make you desperate but still, be composed and call in the right guys. Ensure you do some asking around or googling to find the perfect agency for the job. Check out for experience, qualifications and the guarantees offered by the specialist, and that way you will not have to worry.

If you want to place a claim, make sure you make copies of the insurance documentation. You may also need to call up a professional cleanup for mold or rotting wood removal. Once your roof is back to normal, never forget to carry out regular inspections.