Do You Need Waterproofing for Your Roof?

waterproofing company performing roof replacement works
waterproofing company performing roof replacement works

Your house’s roof is a critical aspect of your home, sheltering you from an array of hostile elements such as direct UV rays, rain and even excessive wind. Yet, it is seldom devoted much thought on a daily basis, and can be at times taken for granted.

In fact, few of us ever consider what details need to go into our home’s roof, instead leaving such work to the initial contractor. As such, the importance of waterproofing materials and systems on your roof may not be apparent to us.

The need for Waterproofing

For the layman, your roof would appear to be made of strong solid materials such as concrete or metal. As such, you would not usually think about its ability to repel water. However, this would not be an accurate scientifically, as water is capable of penetrating almost any material. In which case, without waterproofing materials, rainwater will soak through your roof in time.

water stains appearing on white ceiling

Water’s Mobility

Water is an absolute menace once it has penetrated past your roof thanks to its mobility.

For starters, it is highly mobile due to being able to travel as either droplets of water or moisture through any gaps in your home’s structure. As such, no matter the size of the pores in the materials, water will likely be able to pass through.

Secondly, it is propelled by capillary forces that pull it in all directions, including upwards. In which case, no space within the confines of your home would be safe from water seepage.

Dangers of Water

Interestingly enough, water on its own does not pose a direct danger to your home. Rather, it affects your house indirectly by creating a moist or damp environment. Combined with the fact that light does not reach these hidden spaces in your home, a space ripe for mould or mildew growth emerges.

It is these mould and mildew that eats away at the structural integrity of your home and damages it. Visible signs of mould growth on your walls or ceiling surfaces include the appearance of yellowish or brownish spots as well as flaking of paint. If not addressed in the early stages, there is a possibility that a hole will open up, allowing trapped water to leak into your home’s space.

In a worst case scenario, parts of the surface could break and collapse down. This situation is particularly undesirable as anyone in the vicinity would be in danger of suffering serious injuries.

Stopping Contact with Electrical Circuits

water leakage reaching ceiling lights

A less commonly cited potential consequence of water leakages is that of short circuits. In most homes, electrical wires and circuitry lie hidden behind your walls or ceiling. As such, when water gets into these hidden spaces, there is a risk of it getting in contact with the live wires. This leads to a short circuit as water is an excellent conductor of electricity. Following which, your home’s circuit breaker will trip in order to protect your home but in the process create a black out.

Other Benefits of Waterproofing your Roof

Other than preventing a water leakage through your roof, waterproofing systems also grant several additional benefits.

Introduces Energy Efficiency

Did you know that waterproofing your roof reflects back radiation and keeps your home cooler even during hot months? The insulating materials used are capable of keeping conditions in your house cooler as less absorption of sunrays takes place.

As a direct result, you would find your home being in cooler conditions and thus requiring less air conditioning or fan speeds. Indirectly, waterproofing actually lowers the electric bills of your home.

Decreased humidity

We all know that humid conditions can be really unbearable. When roofs have clogged water on top, they create humid conditions in the house which keeps the air moist. This is not conducive for healthy living especially if your family works out at home or has respiratory conditions.

Not only does excessive humidity affect your family’s health, it also affects your comfort as well. How would you feel if you were to sweat profusely the whole day? Not fun at all.  Insulation of the roof keeps the house dry and cool and you can be sure to experience better conditions within your home.

Increased roof longevity

Roofs differ in their lifespans based on their materials. While a cedar roof can go up to two decades, tiles last up to eight more decades. Whichever roofing material appeals to you, you would definitely want it to last for as long as possible. This is where waterproofing comes in as it protects against water penetration and thus indirectly from mould damage of its materials.

Most waterproofing materials are also UV ray resistant and thus further act as a protective layer for your roof’s structural materials.

Gives you a Peace of Mind

waterproofing contractor inspecting roof for leakages

Roof insulation gives you a peace of mind through less repair and replacement works every time a storm occurs and threatens your roof. Most importantly, you can feel safe and confident in your home knowing that your roof will not begin leaking or be in danger of collapsing in the middle of foul weather.

Engaging a roofing specialist to check the current condition of your roof and to fix up any waterproofing issues is a good starting point. Subsequently, they can be engaged to do quick checks on a regular basis. In this way, you can be assured of the condition of your roof as well as the structural integrity of your home.

Proof-Tech Offers Tailored Services for your Waterproofing Needs

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