Do You Need Waterproofing for Your Roof?

Do You Need Waterproofing for Your Roof

Roof restoration or replacement is just a headache that you do not want to deal with this season. As they say, prevention is always better than cure and that is what you should consider. Why wait for it to start raining in your living room when you could actually prevent it? Therefore, waterproofing is the solution. Waterproofing is the process by which your roof is made impervious to water.

Do You Need Waterproofing for Your Roof?

For you to understand the intensity of doing so, you must understand the benefits that come with waterproofing. These include:

Prevent roof leaks

A leaking roof needs immediate repair however small it is. The cost that comes with it is much more than investing in insulating your roof. This is because a leaking roof leads to formation of molds, rotting of the frames and damages in the long run. Opting for insulation ensures that your roof stays safe all year long.

Energy efficiency

Did you know that waterproofing your roof reflects back radiation and keeps your home cooler even during summer? The insulating materials used are capable of keeping conditions in your house cooler as less absorption takes place. During hot days, you will not need an AC to run all day because conditions in the house are conducive. What better way to save on your electric bills than this?

Increased roof longevity

Roofs differ in their lifespans. While a cedar roof can go up to two decades, tiles last up to eight more decades. Whichever roofing material appeals to you, you would definitely want it to last for longer with only little fixes once in a while. This you can easily do if you consider waterproofing your roof.

Decreased humidity

We all know that humid conditions can be really unbearable. When roofs have clogged water on top, they create humid conditions in the house which keeps the air moist. This is not conducive for healthy living. Not only does it affect your family’s health, it also affects your comfort as well. How would you feel if you were to sweat profusely the whole day? Not fun at all.  Insulation of the roof keeps the house dry and cool and you can be sure to experience better conditions within your home.

Saves you big time

In this harsh economy, anything that saves you an extra buck is the ultimate choice. Does waterproofing save you money? Yes it does, big time. Roof insulation saves you money through less repair and replacement every stormy weather because the roof remains intact throughout. The only cash that you may be required to spend is the inspection fee otherwise, you are saving in the long run. Insulated roofs are energy efficient as they maintain cool conditions. For this reason, you will save on your electric bill even during hot days. Sweet deal, don’t you think?

Contact A Waterproofing Contractor Singapore

Now that you have realized how beneficial waterproofing is to your roof, you are probably wondering what the next step is. With many homeowners that seek to do waterproofing using their own methods, it is far better to hire a waterproofing contractor instead. Calling the professionals will ensure you get the best workmanship service.

Go for an experienced, certified and professional contractor who will keep your roof intact for years to come. Proof-tech, one of the leading waterproofing companies in the country, offers various types of waterproofing membrane in Singapore.


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