Ceiling Leakage Repair

Ceiling leakage is the most headache problem for house owners as it can cause a lot of mess in the house. There are ways to fight it but when you know it, it already created a big mess for you. Let’s discuss to see how we can tackle ceiling leaking before it happen. So that you do not have to spend lots of money to redo the room or toilet. It is much different from a roof leakage.

    1. If you have a restroom or kitchen upstairs, be more careful not to over flood the floor with water and if it did, try to mop it timely so that it will not be absorbed into the floor. This can minimize the risk of having ceiling leakage. It can be also be that there are faulty pipes in the house that caused the leakage. You can engaged a plumber to help you check the pipelines and find out which one is causing the leakage.
    2. If where you stay received a lot of rainfall, it is advisable to install shades that are sloping so that most of the water do not settled on the ceilings and walls.
    3. Paint also play a part. Use water resistant paint for the house and open windows as much as you can to ventilate the house so that dampness will not settle in. If your windows cannot be open for some reasons, at least on the fan now and then to expel as much water as possible.

These are few methods to help minimise the risk of having ceiling leakages.

You can consult us and we will try our best to help you in areas we can so that you won’t have to face ceiling leakage anymore.

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