Why you should waterproof your bathroom

The lack of waterproofing or a bad waterproofing job done in your bathroom can be a huge nightmare for homeowners. Without waterproofing, water and humidity are able to destroy the interior of your bathroom. For many homeowners, they will simply redo the flooring tiles or repaint the toilet walls while renovating their bathrooms as a way to reduce cost. But because these surfaces and materials are not meant to be in a damp environment, overtime homeowners will be facing the same problems again.Therefore, here are some good reasons why you should waterproof your bathroom.

Reasons To Waterproof Your Bathroom

Prevents damp and mold

When you spot water marks or mold on the exteriors of your walls and floors, you are unaware of the real harm it potentially has on you and your loved ones. When you are redoing your bathroom, you may have pulled away the tiles to reveal damp, rotten looking plaster or plywood. This is caused by water seeping through the top layer and penetrating into the materials. By waterproofing your bathroom, you are creating a barrier between the plaster, brick or wood and the tiles. Waterproofing prevents the build-up of condensation, damp and mold from growing underneath these surfaces.

Prevent leakages

When a weak point or crack develops in your wall, floor or gaps in between the walls and bath, water can easily penetrate. And in no time, find its way into the walls, ceilings, and the flooring of your house. It can also seep through the lower unit’s ceiling, resulting in leakage that could damage their light bulbs. A bathroom that is fully waterproof beneath the floors and walls will prevent this from happening. Prooftech offers water leakages repair for roof, ceiling and walls.

Prevent structural damage

Singaporeans are all aware of the high humidity this country is exposed to. The moisture in the atmosphere can damage especially in areas without proper ventilation, like a bathroom. Although it takes a long time for moisture related problems to become visible, they can cause a considerable amount of damage if ignored. As mentioned previously, when you waterproof your bathroom, moisture, mold and damp are unable to form and cause any damage to your property.

Increases your home value

Waterproofing your bathroom walls and floors are an ideal feature for potential home seekers. They will view it as a valuable measure to protect and maintain the home. As high moisture content within walls can lead to cracking, peel, rotting and mold infestations that will require maintenance. Waterproofing your bathroom prevents this from occurring, saving homeowners thousands of dollars in future repairs.

All professionals in the waterproofing industry will recommend every homeowner to waterproof their bathroom. Therefore, it is important that you engage a reliable and reputable waterproofing company as if the waterproofing work isn’t done well, it will bring you back to square one, and your bathroom will face moisture-related issues time and time again.

Check out Prooftech for their waterproofing services. They also offer roof restoration and grouting services.

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